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19p veg or not?

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Picking up the last of the xmas goodies this evening and was hoping Aldi were going to do 19p veg again. According to some websites, they are, but according to their website, they're not. On their website the super six are all 39p or more.


Anyone able to share the truth? Is it 19p veg time, or should I go to Tesco where it's 29p? No real difference in travel distance but the two stores are in opposite directions, so it's one or the other. I'm after several bags of spuds, carrots parsnips etc but an extra 10p each won't break the bank.


Many thanks - I'm sure someone out there knows :D

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I normally split my Thursday weekly shop between Lidl (majority) and Tesco but tomorrow I've taken an executive descision to just do Tesco! Lidl is smaller and the tills always manic and undermanned whereas Tesco is slightly more expensive but bigger and so, hopefully, less stressful :pray: . The two boys will be with me and I send them off to garner stuff whilst I trog on with the trolley. Gets it done in half the time. Esp as I will be trying to get some of the Christmas stuff....turkey, salmon, booze etc :wink: I know I'll probably pay a bit more a Tesco but it won't be much and I'd rather avoid the hassle!


OH does an early morning (5.00am!) run to Tesco on 24th to get last minute bits. Always reasonably quiet and well stocked plus I get a lie in :dance:

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Thanks everyone - and I too hope that the farmers are decently paid for their produce. Went to Tesco and got what I needed, with no hassle. All the cheap veg together on one aisle end and I even managed to park near the door.


Aldi's website has changed today to show only some veg at 19p (carrots, broccoli, parsnips) and some at 28p, so I don't think I overspent by a lot and everything has now been acquired.


Turkey is defrosting and prosecco is in the fridge - at least I think it's that way round :D


Roll on Christmas!

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Sounds like you are all organised then DC! I'm off to Tesco this afternoon with boys ( :doh: ) and plan on being as quick as possible - hate, hate, hate all the crowds totally cramming their trolleys as though the shops will not open again until the New Year! I do, however, find it fascinating to rubberneck into other trolleys :oops:

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