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Forum Updates February 2018

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43 minutes ago, Lewis said:

I think our birthdays have always been on the Forum, used to show at the bottom who's birthday it was that day :) 

I know that, but then you had to specifically look on that day and write down dates or something. Now it will just give you a birthday of anyone. 

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1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

If you go to someone’s profile page (click on the name) it says your birthday there. (And mine too btw. Just checked)

Not sure what I think about that.

You can change the year to "Not Telling" or the day/month to a blank figure if you want. Click on your username (at the top right of the page) > Profile > Edit Profile

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5 minutes ago, Valkyrie said:

ARGHHH!  :lol:  I see how it's done now - thanks to the posting you did for Ursula on the other thread.  Of course we can now make it go haywire and like all the posts across the board!  :whistle:Poor Matt - I'd be banished forever!:lol:


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