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Non-slip pads for the Go Up ladder

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42 minutes ago, Chrysalis said:

My self-adhesive pads for my new Go Up ladder were, well, not very adhesive.  Has anyone else found this?  Any recommendations for making the steps less slippery?

I crocheted sort of sleeves for the ladder in the very beginning when my chickens were still little. From garden twine, the hemp kind. Lasted some time, but disintegrated over time. Chickens now don’t need it anymore

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I’ve tied a piece of run mesh (a skirt piece) to the ladder of my Cube which my Araucana bantam uses. I also put a perch across the run at door height just in front of the Cube and my pekin and 2 Wyandotte bantams fly up onto that and then hop into the house in preference to using the ladder at all.


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Thanks :-D

Well they do poo on the bench but most of them just fall off because it’s a bit angled. And no xD The swing has been there since October and they’re still pretty terrified of it! Much to the disgust of my OH who bought it for me for a birthday present xD

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