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Poorly hen - breathing laboured

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Good evening,

My hen Ivory (I think about 2 years young) hasn't laid for a good couple of weeks now. She has a very messy bum. Her crop feels fine I think but there is a bit on her neck which she keeps pecking at. I picked her up and when I put her down it was like she had no support in her legs. Her breathing also seems laboured. 

I have separated her from the other girls but not sure what to do!! 

Please help

Thank you 

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I'm sorry, could be lots of things. When did she last lay? Sometimes they can have an egg pressing on a nerve and get better when it passes. Really all you can do is keep her inside Ina a box or carrier with food and water and monitor her. Maybe vet tomorrow as may be an infection? 

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9 minutes ago, Strawberrybex said:

What is egg peritonitis?

Yes she has been waddling since Monday 

Not really sure what breed she is - Sussex?

Usually the oviducts carry the yolk from the ovary to the vent over a 24 hour period. During this time the white, membranes and shell are formed around the yolk. In chickens with damage to their oviducts the egg does not form properly and the yolk is laid internally into the belly/abdomen. These yolks can be absorbed over time but in most cases the chicken lays them internally faster than they can be absorbed resulting in a build up within the abdomen. This enlarges the abdomen and causes the chicken to experience discomfort and difficulty breathing. In order to help relieve the pressure on the abdomen the chickens adopt an upright penguin-like stance.

Some factors such as coming into lay and stress can cause the odd internally laid egg.  However, severe oviduct damage, can lead to permanent oviduct problems and therefore they remain internal layers for life.

This was info from The Chicken Vet.

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Egg peritonitis is when (forgive me for not getting the biology exactly right) eggs are being released by the ova but not properly going through the process of developing and being expelled through the oviduct. Instead they somehow end up inside the body of the hen where they cause massive infection. It’s really not very nice. I’ve seen a couple of my mums hybrids have it and I’m really sorry to say but if it’s got bad I think the only course of action is to put the hen down. If she was mine I’d be taking her to the vet. Sorry.

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