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My hens are a pain in the neck!

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Well they are still being divas and now in 3 separate areas of the run again.  Naughty noisy crow is a naughty noisy feather pecker to Maggie. 

Robin is perfect without vices but she did prolapse again but I think it was after bum was pecked rather than pecked after prolapse if you know what I mean. She gets her bum eaten when she poos never mind lays though she did manage a soft egg the other day.  I've got her on growers pellets still to stop her laying.  Is there any problem keeping her on this long term, she has grit.  She has bald legs from Maggie eating her leg feathers.

Maggie is growing new feathers slowly, really slowly and laying daily, good girl but it's her who eats Robin's bum!!

They go out in the garden together for dust baths and a rummage, there's no aggression.

So any ideas or suggestions gratefully received.  I'm inclined to leave them like this for ever.

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