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Chortle Chook

Ducks are nicer beings than Chickens

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Sometimes I really do wonder how ducks have survived as a species. My little call ducks are such nice little beings. Nicer really than my chickens who can be quite vicious. My ducks' rounded bills mean that their pecks don't hurt even on the palm of my hand, and the worst my little drakes seem to do is to grab the bottom of my jeans and make funny quacky noises.


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Living beside a loch, we get Mallard coming into our garden during the breeding months and the males are vicious! There are now a few that take seed from my hand and they're gentle with me, but with each other, it's a different story. Feathers actually do fly and bald patches on their throat is a common sight. When they are with a female she gets mobbed by the males and can end up in a terrible state, as a photo from last year shows (she took refuge with us and we fed her back to health). She's returned this year and her feathers have regrown, albeit in a punk rock style!


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