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Silly broody pekin refusing to move from cube nest box

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Our frizzle pekin is a very good mum and is broody again, we have given her 7 call duck eggs but she will not sit on them anywhere but the cube nest box. I've tried moving her to a small wooden house in the main run and a cat basket but she just screeches and kicks the eggs around. If you shut her in then she'll sit again but I prefer them to come and go to eat, drink and poo (broody poos 🤢) if I put her and the eggs back in the cube she's sits again.


Has anyone had success leaving a broody in the nest box with the others laying around her? 




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No, but...I’ve just set my broody on eggs for the first time. She wanted to sit in her normal Cube nest box but I’ve set up my old Eglu Go and run and put her in there. For the first 48hrs ish she was very restless - up and down a lot and trying to get back to the Cube. In the end I resorted to shutting her in the house and then she did sit. That was on Friday afternoon. Now, her door is open and she’s gone the other way - won’t come off the eggs at all!! 

So maybe try shutting your frizzle in where you’d like her to be just for a day or two and see if she’ll settle?

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I would shift her or she will try to gather all the other eggs under her, not just the fertile ones. The other birds will disturb her, or she will defend her position and stop them form laying in the nest box. As Mullethunter has said, stick her in alternative housing, with the bars removed and shut her on the nest - a bit of dark and quiet will soon shut her up and concentrate her on brooding. Once she's settled, be sure to pop her off the next a couple of times/day to feed and poo.

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