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Ms Tilytinkle

Hellooooo.Don'tsupposeanyofyourememberme .. but

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if you do, its been many years... Hellooo how are you all , hope you're healthy & happy, enjoying a cheerful chookful life 

Once upon a time,  we had many chickens, all of them much loved ..

Then the  usual takes over . . life, working abroad, new jobs, old jobs,  children growing up, moving away, coming home, travelling,

deaths, rebirths , trials, tribulations & celebrations . .  cycles, seasons & new beginnings . .


Back to where we started, as all of our chickens, inevitably passed into angelic winged heaven  . . I couldn't bear to get rid of our Cube (Mk 1)

always intending to have some more, rescue some etc etc  However it hasn't worked out that way. Now, we're planning on moving from one end of the country almost to the other

I'm afraid, well upon strict orders from hubby, that "we're NOT taking the cube with us!!" To begin with I felt a little sad, of course we are, we're always going to have chickens . . yet its been 7 years since our last little lot  & I imagine the next 7 years will pass by equally as fast without any time to reignite our passion for the chickens.   


If anyone's interested in an old MK 1 Cube , regrettably there's a lovely one coming up for sale in Kent. 


Abundant Blessings

Ms T


notsocrazyafterall :)


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Hello Mrs Tilytinkle!  I remember you :D 

I'm also in Kent and still have my Eglu classic, got some new girls nearly 2 weeks ago.  We're planning to follow our youngest Daughter to Scotland in a year or two, but will still keep chooks, we had a couple of months without any and it just didn't seem right. 

Good luck with everything, I hope that your move goes well . 

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Such a shame about the chickens.  We are doing much the same - upping and moving to the Midlands - somewhere, not sure yet, but soon-ish.  Mrs Mostin is looking after my remaining old'uns (and they seem to be looking really happy there!) so hoping they are still alive by the time we do find a place.

Soooo our old cube and the eglu will be coming with us.  Somehow!  Thank goodness removal firms have big lorries!

And I hope your new move will be smooth.  Nice to hear you are still about.:D

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Thank you for surprising  replies , its actually lovely to return to the chicken vibes

I always enjoyed the warmth here, not very good at online thing but here  always felt warmly welcoming, safely friendly & not at all intrusive as the internet can potentially be.


Perhaps we're all at the similar phases with similar ages, accompanying empty nests , hurtling towards retirement rather than career expansions :)

Aging, one of the true certainties in life, as the other ones death I'm grateful for the maturing process .


Good Luck to you both,  your families & the moving process, hope there's few chains & all works our beautifully.

Holding  onto our hats, best  prepare for a roller coaster ride til settled ha ha. We're just at the stage of emptying 27 years of junk :o before the house is marketed. 

The markets volatile, very different movement in each direction  of England & beyond  . . some selling fast some not selling at all. Its going to be fun (I keep telling myself) 

Oh Midlands, how lovely ..although don't know the areas as well as I do Scotland, having spent some lovely  holidays there. I adore Scotland, especially the Highlands, sounds a lovely reason to move there too following your daughter. Many magical moments shared, not that many will  be missed. Distance does often spoil the fun when there's many miles between families. Ours is in Italy at the moment .. looking at visiting her in September if we're still static  luckily she's not bothered where we live, .. she says wherever we are , we're her home for now . . could all change of course when  ' Love' explodes within her -  at the moment preferring to be single -  heart!



Here'stogoodhealthwealthandhappiness :)



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Hello Mrs Tilytinkle

I recognised you at once from your very distinctive style!  Lovely to see you back.  Whereabouts are you moving to? 

I love my hens, but I think if I ever gave up it would be hard to start again; so your husband is probably right that after seven years, it's time to part with the Cube.  (And you can always look for another one, once you've moved .... shhhhh! )  Hope you find a buyer, they are usually popular.

I hope you'll continue to visit the forum, owning chickens isn't a prerequisite, you know!

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Nice to see you back again!

I'm sure the Cube will sell quickly and you can always get another one in the future. I can't imagine life without chickens but not sure where I'll be living in a few years so they may have to stay at home! Commercial avian vets can't keep chickens in case they bring nasties home and then spread them to other flocks.

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Good Morning dear lovely hearts,

Hope its blue skies & sunshine for those  chicken runs .. :)  we still have our little Border Terrier,

she's equally as fun as the chooks,  although she doesn't earn her keep the way the chooks gratefully rewarded our efforts

she hasn't laid any eggs yet !

Thank you for the warmth, I'm sure as life changes,  in time we will -hopefully -start again when we have grandchildren

Olly, We're hoping to move from the South to the North of England. (husband must be having a midlife crisis!!)

(also glad our daughter doesn't visit omlet forum ha ha)

Ha ha Valkyrie, I can just imagine that tee hee, great idea ,

love to see photos of that Lewis & the expression of your neighbours ha ha 



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Lewis will be on the case if she does lay eggs!  LOL!  Goodmorningtoyoualsoonthisfineanddandydaysofar-sogood!!!

Change of plans - headin' out west.  Ooh arrr zoyderland!  We think we may have found a place but who knows - don't want to jinx!  Fingerscrossed - Mrs T - it's so darned hard not to press the space bar!  :lol:

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