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Coverting a house bunny to living outside.

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My DD's friend has a house bunny but her new boyfriend is severely allergic to the bunny.

She asked DD if she would like him but he would have to go outside - the bunny of course.

I've also said that it needs to be decided what happens if she splits up with the boyfriend and wants the rabbit back.

I'm thinking if we have the rabbit then that is that and he becomes ours.

She doesn't have anywhere else to send him and knows that DD and I love bunnies.

How do you get him used to being outside - does he just get on with it ?

I was thinking of maybe getting him a rablu as only had wooden hutches before.

Is it easy to clean, does it have space inside for food and water if you shut them in over nigh ? Do you need to move the run around or can it stay in one place ?

I don't know if it is the right thing to do or not - I've got used to not having to clean out a cage and not having stray bits of hay and straw all over the place.

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My BFF has 6 rabbits, all rescues. They need company like chickens so at least another one to be a friend. Some of her bunnies dig holes when they go out so she has to keep an eye on them in case they burrow out of their enclosure. My friend is on an online bunny forum like this one https://www.binkybunny.com/FORUM/tabid/54/aft/166749/Default.aspx They might be more able to advise. I do know that she has to move her runs around the garden as they crop the grass very low.

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I agree the bunny needs a buddy. Most common is to keep a neutered male with a female. Regarding it living outside, I think it shouldn’t be an issue. This is the right time to get them adjusted as the temperatures are kinder. It will develop a winter coat by the time autumn arrives.

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9 hours ago, SeramaSilly said:

Yes, I would get advice from a rabbit rescue re getting him a buddy - he might not accept one!

A good rabbit rescue will offer to do the matching. A local rabbit rescue here does that. You bring yours and go home with two happy bunnies.

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