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Got some ducklings today!

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A friend of mine hatched out some miniature silver Appleyards 3 days ago and we picked them up today, they’re so cute! 

I was planning on keeping them inside for a few weeks and then putting them outside in an eglu with a run. I’m trying to figure out a few things...

1. How long a run should I get to ensure they have enough space?

2. What base should we put on the run? I like the idea of pea shingle and being able to hose it down.

3. If you have a long run how on earth do you get them into the eglu at night?

We do have a fox prowling the garden at the moment ☹️ so we’ll be making the run fox proof and they’ll only be able to free range when I’m there in the evenings or on weekends.



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Very cute :D

If you don't yet have the run I would get one the the square walk in runs as they give a lot more space, especially needed for ducks as they'll need a pond. You could always get a wooden walk in run if funds don't allow the Omlet one.

Ducks are a lot messier than chickens so good drainage that you can hose down is a good idea. Not sure about pea shingle, might work if it's deep, but I keep our Call Ducks on concrete (our whole walk in run is on a 21ft concrete base) which can be hosed down if necessary. Ducks don't tend to go in at night like chickens do, ours have an Eglu Go on the floor but never use it, they just sleep on a pallet in the run.

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