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Hi, we got an eglu classic delivered yesterday to keep our new ducks in. I think it might be faulty, how are your eglu classics compared to this? With little effort I can get my hand in the door and the egg portal in the side is wobbly and even when locked into place I can get my hand in the side and it pops out. We have foxes and badgers so they’d easily break in.

We have a go up for our chickens and it’s perfectly solid.

I’m going to have to keep the ducks inside for a few more days and contact omlet on Monday because I assume this isn’t normal but thought I’d best check!





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I'm not at home to check but this doesn't look normal to me.

I know with the early Cube's they had a few moulds so occasionally pieces were a little bit off for drainage but Omlet sorted them out. They're generally pretty good with customer service so email the photos over and give them a call on Monday morning to discuss.

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Ditto what Lewis says, I don't think I could have done that with mine and the egg port door should certainly fit flush with the outside of the eglu.  Both doors should give you confidence that even a wily fox can't get in and yours obviously doesn't.

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