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Hello all,

Has anyone read any interesting books lately? I'm looking for some recommendations. I quite like horror and science fiction, although a good thriller or mystery always interests me too. The only books I really don't like are romance which I'm afraid bore me to tears. lol

I just finished reading a book called The Girl With All The Gifts which was pretty good. It's a very scientific take on the 'zombie' genre, but I'd recommend it. Personally I would say it's less of a horror and more of a drama which could be considered within the horror genre.

I'm about to start a book called Border Crossing which I believe is a drama/thriller loosely based on the Boy A case.


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5 hours ago, Cat tails said:

Terry Pratchett The long earth series! Love it! But then again, I love just about anything that man has written.

My partner really likes him, but I've never really gotten on with anything he's written.

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1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

The long earth is very unlike the fantasy books of the Discworld. It’s set on earth as we know it, but then something changes... dumdumDUM!

Maybe I'll give it a go. Fantasy (other than the Harry Potter and Narnia books) has never really sat that well with me. I think the books I have enjoyed most over the last XYZ number of years have been The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent trilogies; The Hunger Games being my favourite.

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I haven’t watched Game of Thrones but I too have read the books and was absolutely gripped. Given your genre you’ve probably already read them but The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. 

Recently I’ve read some fairly trashy Dan Brown type thrillers by a guy called James Becker that I’ve quite enjoyed.

I also love Jo Nesbo and have read everything by him - Scandi noir type stuff with a few nasty bits.

I can’t get on with Terry Pratchett either but love Harry Potter.

Also totally different and not the sort of thing I’d normally go for but I read The Fire and the Fury about the Trump administration- intriguing and terrifying - of half of it is true I can’t believe he’s still there.

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OOOh yes! I found Dust Trilogy fascinating and not at all what I'd normally go for. I've been reading my way through Peter Robinson books featuring Inspector Alan Banks of the Yorkshire police. Peter May is also VERY good and Tim Weaver and James Oswald are def. worth a trip to the library or the charity shop! You don't need to read any of the last three authors in sequence tho' it helps if you can! Peter May has done some sandalones too!

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