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3 hours ago, Luvachicken said:

I wonder if hubby would let me do that with mineΒ ;-)

Yours do look very at home on the floorΒ :grin:

Their favourite spot! 😊

Sure he'd get used to it! Ours do just march in! πŸ˜‚Β  One even took herself off down the hallway to the sitting room; the rabbits, who live in there, werent too keen! She had a great time though πŸ˜‚. Such funny things.Β 

1 hour ago, Patricia W said:

Easy to clean floor, too!Β 

Thank goodness! Β They had watermelon on it yesterday; what a mess! And they do poo a fair bit. The dog eats most of it though! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜·

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