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What to put on the floor of the chicken shed?

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Good day all!!

We have recently rejigged our pen to have an 8x8 foot shed where they all sleep at night rather than 4 smaller hutches. We have branches as nesting perches and 6 nest boxes in the shed. I have put wood shavings in the next boxes as have used these for ages now and seems to work to keep clean and easy to poo pick during the week. 

My question is what do I put on the floor of the shed. It is currently a wooden floor covered in hay - the hay is a temporary floor cover  as we are looking into other options. I have read about using builders sand, bark, rubber chippings but am not sure of pros and cons of them all.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Bark can go mouldy, rubber chippings apparently goes mucky and slimy rather quickly too. And straw can harbour red mite.

Is the house only for sleeping? I think I would be tempted to just have solid floor down, that can be easily cleaned. I think some people have things like linoleum in the coop. But I probably would put big paving slabs down, so I can just sweep up and poo and give it a scrub once in while.

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