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Hi I've just got an eglu go and 2 rabbits who are 2.  They seem to think the hutch is a litter and spend all their time outside in the run.  They seem to like it but not going in the hutch apart from to eat their nuggets and wee.   I'm.concerned they will not sleep in the hutch and it's getting cold.  How do I get them to sleep in there? 


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They will go in it if they are cold. Personally, I feel that the Eglu Classic/Go aren't well designed for use with rabbits. As you probably know, they like to have somewhere private to use as a toilet, and they prefer that to be separate from their living and eating space. When we still had rabbits, they only used the eglu on the grass in the summer and were in their luxury double-storey wooden hutch at other times. That had different floors/areas for their living/food and a litter tray too.

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