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Is it possible to attach a WIR to the back of a cube?

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yet another question from me! 

I’ve got a mk1 cube with a 3m run. I’m looking at ways of making it bigger - but we have a very small garden and my options are slightly limited. 

Ideally id like to buy a WIR and attach it to the back of the cube. I’m assuming this is a total non-starter- but I know people on here have managed some very creative adaptations- so I thought I’d ask just in case! 


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Cookie used to have her cube outside her run - but her OH is a super duper dab hand with carpentry - he made a cube lid sized opening for those times for cleaning and a lower gap for the door.  If only my husband were that skilled!  It made cleaning easier rather than wade through wannabe escape artists.  Also that works fine for a tucked away corner if you are short on width space.  Plus you don't have to wade through treat seeking chickens while squeezing round inside the run.


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Thanks both. I’ll have a look into both those ideas. 

Mum husband and I are both sadly rubbish at DIY - so I’d need to get someone in for your solution Valkyrie! Sounds interesting though! 

I think I may have found a solution where I can link the WIR to the front door like a normal person. :-) Fingers crosses the measurements work. 

Thanks again 

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