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Christmas swap 2018

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So my answers to the questions


1. Cats, I currently have  a black cat and a young grey tabby with white chest and legs. Miss my beautiful caramely ginger girl who was hit by a car earlier in the year

2. Favourite colours are clear strong colours, red, white, black, strong pink, blue, purples. Not keen on pastels and not a fan of yellow on me but love it in the garden. My living room is governed by fab curtains a friend gave me because they didn't fit her new house and an old rug and is rust/terracotta and green which I wouldn't have gone for and I love it.

3. Love every season at the right time

4. Love mountains and seaside, never lie on a beach sunbathing but will sit all day on a beach with a book interspersed with walks. I like walking around cities looking at the sights too, not into night life

5. Lean towards more traditional except my Christmas tree is a mix of decorations I've collected whilst travelling so an eclectic mix. Mostly Reds & golds.

6. Don't mind, either has its merits

7. Anything, took part once before and it was the only present where I didn't know what it was/hadn't had to say what I wanted and it was lovely 😊 





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Thanks love your choices and tastes but think we need to see your curtains :)


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