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Sleep tight Chloe

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 Today I sadly said goodbye to my darling little Chloe.  She had only been poorly since Monday after laying a shell-less egg but not really recovering from it.  I took her to the vets last night for a check over as we are going away for a long weekend and she was staying with my in-laws, at this point she just looked a bit under the weather. The vet prescribed antibiotics and gave her an antibiotic injection too.  However by this morning she was showing bouts of looking really quite unhappy, sitting down with her eyes closed and tentatively walking about, she also took a long time to come out of the run into the garden, she would still take food from me though.  Based on this I made the decision it was time to say goodbye as I have had hens with similar signs before and they went downhill while I was away, despite my best efforts.

 But what I am really beating myself up about is that if we hadn’t have been going away, could I have given her those extra couple of days to see if the antibiotics worked?   The vet I saw yesterday seemed to think if she hadn’t shown improvement in a couple of days then we may have to consider putting her to sleep but a different vet today initially thought time on the antibiotics might be worth a try, until I explained about us going away and I didn’t want her to be suffering in my absence. 

I hope I have done the right thing but I feel so guilty and heartbroken.  What makes things worse is that she was my last hen and had been on her own quite happily for the last 10 months, so the garden is now empty and It’s very unlikely I will be having any more due to current health issues.

 Sleep tight my beautiful darling Chloe, play forever with your best friend Bella xx



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Sending love, so sorry. It's so hard to say goodbye and to make that call. But I'm sure you did the right thing; we know in our guts when the time is right.  They seem to go downhill really fast so sounds like you just spared her lots of suffering.  

Sorry re no more chooks and poor health. That must be hard. Sending hugs xx

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Thank you so much for your lovely replies,  it really does help.  

I can’t bring myself to go into the garden to put the eglu away or take down the WIR, it’s still too soon but equally it’s hard seeing it there. Maybe I’ll have some more girls in the future, I’ve loved having them for the last 10 years but I need a break for a while. 

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