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Blue vent?

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Hi gavclojak - lovely to hear from you despite the circumstances.

That looks very odd - doesn’t really look like a vent at all. The blue colour is especially odd unless then hen has been eating something blue. Could it be actually green? Several disorders (as I’m sure you know) can cause all different hues of green droppings which I suppose could’ve stained the skin like that.

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Many thanks for your kind replies. I have passed them on to my friend. 

Life has been manic...I’m down to a single ex working girl at the moment, we have had her four years this month and I can’t wait to get some more ladies but will wait until this old girl gives up. She seems totally fine in her own so I don’t want to upset her or risk her getting bullied 

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2 hours ago, Lewis said:

I can't see properly from the photo but is it a wound that has healed with a scab and bruising around it? Could be that her flockmates have been pecking at it and causing the bruising

I thought that too - it looks like a scabbed wound, or some dead tissue. I would bathe it gently with a light dilution of hibiscrub and see what comes to light. If your friend isn't used to treating chickens, then I;d suggest taking it to a chicken-savvy vet for a proper examination.

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