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Araucana not laying

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Hi all, it hasn't been a great summer for eggs generally. I have two older ladies who lay inconsistently, two hybrids who should be in the prime of their laying lives but who this summer have been almost as inconsistent as the older girls, and then two Araucana pullets that are this year's additions.

The bantam is slightly older and after coming in to lay in early July has been fairly consistent with 4 to 5 little blue eggs a week, though that's tailed off this last week or two, to almost none. The full size lavender bird came in to lay w/c 3rd Sept when she was just shy of 6 months old. She laid 3 full size eggs in the first 10 days, then 3 small ones over the rest of September (I can tell they're hers as they were round while the banty has laid egg shaped ones, and they are a slightly darker colour too and have usually appeared on same day as a banty egg). Since then, nothing. Zilch.

She's in good health. We've been doing regular worming routine and have also treated for lice recently (treated them all though never saw any evidence of any on her). She eats well, drinks well, poos normally, is in every respect normal, except no eggs.

Any thoughts? She is now approaching 8 months old. 

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She'll be coming to the end of her first season, and as she was hatched before the longest day, she might have a slight moult too. Araucanas are generally the more hardy and consistent layers among my pure breeds and the first to come back into lay after the winter furlough. Nobody's hens have been laying to their potential this summer due to the extreme and extended heat, which was unusual for the UK.


I take it that you worm with Flubenvet

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Yep i use Flubenvet.

The older birds are definitely going into moult so I did wonder whether she may also, and I appreciate as a pure breed she won't lay throughout winter, I was just surprised at such a young bird stopping so early in Autumn, particularly after she had only just started. But I'm encouraged by what Dogmother says about her Araucanas - I'll be watching mine closely come early Spring!!  

Also of course, I'm just not used to pure breeds as these two are the first non-hybrids I've had!! 

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