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Some nasty problem behind.....!

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We have three hens, all around seven months old.  They laid eggs every day, more or less, but one developed a problem several weeks ago.  This is the sequence:

1. Started missing daily eggs

2. Laid occasional eggs with no shell or membrane

3. Had bleeding from cloaca 

4. Had watery discharge from cloaca

5. Has chalky mush coming out of cloaca

Is she beyond hope, or could we hope for Pepper to recover from this?  She is fed pellets, has a lovely home, gets occasional treats of lettuce or similar.  

Any advice would be very welcome.....





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That looks serious and I doubt is anything treatable without a vet. Lots of things could be responsible and it may be a combination of several. I would worry about imminent fly strike which is a horrible way to go so I suggest an urgent trip to a chicken knowledgable vet. Attempting to wash it off could easily take the skin off as well, although it will have to be done. You certainly can't leave her in that condition any longer.

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