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Old Forum Boiled Fruit Cake Receipt Plea!

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I’m so glad that this recipe is still being used. I haven’t made if for over a year since my son moved out to America. It’s his favourite cake. I’ve already made my Christmas cake but would make a lighter alternative for the two of us. I can still remember that original cake from the Three Counties show, I don’t think mine have ever been as good 😂

Wow over 11 years ago I posted the recipe for the first time. I knew I was getting on a bit but!!

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This is the one I used every year for Xmas cake


Boiled Fruit cake


1lb mixed dried fruit - cheapest does just as well

1 cup water - I use 1 cup port

1 cup dark brown sugar

6 oz butter

1 teasp bicarb

throw in some chopped nuts

1tablespoon treacle

boil for 15 minutes

allow to cool - can leave overnight



2 beaten eggs

1 cup self raising flour

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup cherries chopped and dredged in flour to stop sinking


Put in baking tin which is lined with parchment


Bake at 150 for about 2 hours - mine is usually a fast baker so takes less time - is a wonderful moist cake with such a flavour from the port.


Enjoy. ps I use proper usa cup measures for mine.

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I've used The Forum boiled recipe for ages.......have just put cherries on the Tesco order for next week so that I can make it again for Christmas. Normally I just make with standard dried fruit mix or one of the packets from Lidl (mix of pear, fig, apricot and prune) and bake in a tray so that it cuts to shape for boy's snack boxes! Instead of plain water I make up the same amount of water with Earl Grey tea. For Christmas though it gets jazzed up with nuts and cherries and force fed brandy until ready to marzipan and ice!!!! Thank you Chickencam!

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