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So I've managed to bag myself a Mk 1 cube with a walk in run which I assume is mk 1 too. The person I've bought it off had the whole thing set up by Omlet so isn't very knowledgeable about how it all fits together. From the pictures he's sent me the door is on the wrong side for our garden layout as the setup will be beside a fence. My question is: will I be able to move the location of the door or is this 'fixed' once it's already been set up? I'm assuming a panel would have had to have been cut out to accommodate the door so don't know if I'll be left with a hole to deal with.. any light you can shed would be gratefully received.



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Do you mean the egg port door ?

This part of mine also faces a fence but there is just enough room for me to squeeze down the gap to take the door off to retrieve any eggs.

If you mean the 'front door' on the cube then you might not be able to fully open and close the door with the twist and turn handle - but then lots of us leave the door open anyway so this might not be a problem.

I hope I've helped 😊

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Yes, I’ve moved the door a couple of times.   I put it together with a friend.  Took us nearly all day and we had to phone Omlet once because the instructions turned out to have a typo!  

Frankly, it’s the one bit of Omlet kit that I’m not pleased with.  We’ve had to cover it over with 1/2 inch weldmesh to stop rodents getting in.   It also needs clear tarps all over it to make it weatherproof.  Expensive!  Other than that, my bantams love the space.   

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