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Treat ball peck toy

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Please can I ask if any of you have a treat ball like this for your chickens? A759F3FC-3B66-4B19-A79B-6CB5BBB70AEF.thumb.jpeg.b971d6e3680ca3ee811ce157e135601f.jpegDo the chickens like it or is it a gimmick?  Our big hens used to get a small red or white cabbage to chase about and wire bird feeders to peck at but never had plastic toys. 

Let my pre-teen go shopping on his own while I did the food shop and he’s been to the pet shop buying stuff for the chickens that we we haven’t got yet.  They will be very spoilt.  He spent all his pocket money on them. 

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It was very sweet of your son to get them.

I used to have 2 of these but took them out soon after.

I found that sometimes they opened very easily and so then I panicked about a chicken treading on it and it re-closing, possibly jamming a head or a foot.

I've no idea if this would have happened but didn't like the idea of it happening.

I ended up getting Cat-It treat balls instead which you vary the hole size depending on the treat you want to give them.

They have great fun with them and they come in different colours.


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Thanks everyone.  I wouldn’t have bothered either as varying fruit and veg treats and free ranging always worked for my other girls.  

He’s bird mad and very excited.  Has budgies, is saving to get a parrot in 10 years for his 21st.  

The ball seemed very expensive for what it is.  I will try to find the cat toy and persuade him to return the yellow one.

The cat treat ball looks sturdier and is cheaper.  If he insists on keeping a treat balll, I’ll see if he can exchange the one he bought 

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My hens used to love this, I’d fill it with corn or mealworms and they’d kick it about like a football!  😂

I agree with the comment about it potentially coming apart in use and although neither of mine did,  I used to put some Sellotape around the join, just to be safe.

I don’t have hens now, so if anyone would like one of mine for the cost of postage, just PM me if you’re interested! 😀


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