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What has happened to the forum?

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On 1/19/2019 at 3:10 PM, Valkyrie said:

Very true Daphne.  But I need the recipe for chocolate cake in a mug!  Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!  :lol:

Look what I found 😊



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9 hours ago, Alis girls said:

Thanks ladies missed you too. So glad everyone is well and doing good. 

Still plagued by depression but making changes. Dropped a day at work. Thinking of doing a bit of volunteering in future probably befriending. For now enjoying a bit of leisure time. Hoping to do a few days out with OH. I will take a leaf out of Patsys book and go into town. 

My dads brother died of dementia so attended his funeral last week,  but I am in contact with my 2 cousins who are fiesty ladies in their 50's and we are a rowdy bunch more so when prosecco is on board. 

Boys good YS doing A level mocks and has a girlfriend so all loved up. On negative side hes been at the wacky bakkie which we were worried  about as hes got OCD and anxiety.  Monitoring at present. ES happy in job and girlfriend living locally. So getting used to having ladies around after years in Male dominated household.  Still look after elderly aunt up in East Midlands. Oh and sold dads house. Great relief. 

Patsy sorry about family - you are better off without if they make you miserable.  I know you have your own lovely brood to buoy you up. 

On a different note anyone seen the Stan and Ollie film. Very good. Enjoyed it. 

Well that's me updated so will enjoy reading your news. Thanks for kind wishes. Xxx

Nice to see you back Ali's girls - I remember you too!  I've name-changed (not sure why!) but I was (and still am!) Sophie P! xx

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:dance: Thank you Ajm - I think!  Now I think maybe when OH turns in (around 8.30) I might just potter in the kitchen!  Omletina!  That's another blast from the past!

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