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red mite or Lice how can you tell ??

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Hi  i have a 2+ year old amber star which is currently going through treatment for bumblefoot, which is getting better, but this morning whilst wrapping her in a towel to administer medicine i noticed she has V.small mid brown things coming off her.  on further investigation i see she has them under her wings & other places.  i have looked into treatment for her unwanted visitors & found that there are two different treatments for either Red mite & Lice . as stated on this forum.  on looking at lots of pic's of lice & red mite i am siding on Lice but not a 100% sure ( they remind me of fleas).   i have just purchased Xeno200, but until it arrives is there anything i can do for her other than dusting her with Diatomaceous powder...  & other than trying  to catch my other girls to see if they have anything on them, dark brown/grey colours are going to make it even harder to find anything.  i have checked the coop & i can't see any evidence of Red Mite, 

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If one has them you need to treat the flock   To eradicate them otherwise they’ll just keep infecting each other. There is a spot on treatment you can use for lice that isn’t licensed for chickens but does work.  Can’t remember the name but if you search the forum you’ll find it or someone with a better memory will be along shortly 

  This is the stuff 

Pics of lice and mites.  Brown are probably lice.  You will probably see clusters of eggs at the base of feathers


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If they are on the bird, then they will be lice. Treating with an Ivermectin spot-on (not licensed for use on poultry in the UK) will get rid of any lice and mites, including red mires in the housing. If you don't have a preventative routine (sounds like you don't) then it is best to treat then with the quarterly. Powdering with DE isn't a good idea, for you or them, as it causes respiratory problems.

Get some Ivermectin 1% or Ivomec Eprinex and treat them all. If the lice are really bad (they shouldn't be too bad if you are doing monthly checks) then a vet would recommend spraying the affected areas with a spray containing permethrin. Spray onto the skin and repeat again every 3 days until all lice are gone. Use this in conjunction with the spot-on until you have the situation under control. Note that these sprays are usually recommended by a vet, but aren't yet licensed for sue on poultry in the UK.

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