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Old Style superglug

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Hi,  Pkrase can someone remind me how we used to get chickens to use the poultry nipples on the superglug?   All my previous chickens got it but only one of the current 3 has worked it out after 3 weeks and she would rather drink from a puddle

I’ve tried tapping it with sticks and the black one will peck it.  The others just stare at it.   I removed the other drinker and they all drank from puddles and pecked condensation from the tarps.

i really want to get rid of the traditional poultry drinker as i’m Having to clean I several times a day.  I keep finding allsorts in it even droppings



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I still have two hung up in the WIR, one is pretty much touching the ground so the Call Ducks can get their heads in (their bath is in the FR area outside the WIR) and they all use it fine.

I actually saw one of the ducks drinking from the nipples of the higher one last week so they do use them too!

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