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Rules regarding the buying and selling of second hand Eglus on the forum:-


* Please DON'T advertise your Eglu if you are in any doubt about whether you actually want to part with it as it is very disappointing for a buyer to hear that it has been withdrawn because you have changed your mind. You must be absolutely sure that you do want to sell before placing an advert.


* Obviously there are occasionally circumstances which arise to cause you to pull out of a purchase and these can't be helped but please only make arrangements with a seller if you fully intend to make a purchase.


* Please do NOT post contact information such as telephone numbers, home addresses and e-mail addresses. Potential buyers must contact sellers using the forum PM or e-mail system or can contact Tom@omlet.co.uk who will put you in touch.


* Omlet and the administrators of this forum cannot be held responsible for anything bought or sold in the second hand section as this is merely a place for forum members to buy and sell their Eglus themselves and is not a service run by Omlet.


* Threads in this section will be deleted after one month. If you have not managed to find the Eglu or cube you want in this time, please feel free to post your message again.


**Please note only requests for second hand Omlet products may be placed here.


ALL posts will now be locked once the member has listed the item/s wanted. PLEASE send a PM or email the potential purchaser

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