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Permission to access my property?

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18 hours ago, AndyRoo said:

Fabulous! I already knew they could do whatever they wanted on publicly owned land, and rightly so. But I shall be taking a copy of this act down to the council on Monday with that sentence highlighted and making a complaint!

Thanks so much!! :)

It would be interesting to hear whether they can verify if that person actually does work for them. Can you give them a description.

For others' future reference; if a person is bona fide, then they should have no issue with you taking photos of their ID and face before calling the relevant authority/company to check them out. There's something not quite right here...... :think:

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Totally agree! I think that the VERY first thing he did should have been to show ID and any warrant.

Same with our dustmen here; litter all down the road after they have been! My neighbour and I had to clear up a load of broken glass a few weeks before Christmas after the recycle lorry had been through. 

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