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Hanging grub in mainly glass run

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The chickens really like the temporary run we set up in the greenhouse when it snowed.  Wgen we met them out of the cube run to free range they now peck around the garden for a few mins before setting up camp in the greenhouse.  We are going to move the cube over on Sunday do that it opens into the greenhouse.  Only issue is how to hang the grubs.  Any ideas?

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After I was stuck in A&E for hours yesterday with a suspected stroke that turned out to be severe Bells Palsy, the chickens spent the night in the greenhouse.  Luckily i’d shut them in there earlier in the day.  

Mr Rat spent the night in the nest box of the cube as the door to that was open I am sick of the rat (who recognises spring traps and bait boxes) so i’m cutting off all food sources except the traps.

i was told to rest but instead I persuaded hubby to help me lay enough slabs to hold the cube next to the greenhouse and it is now a temporary run. I have broken down an old wild bird cage feeder and cable tied it to the greenhouse supports for now.  If holds the grind at a slant bit will do until I work something out. 

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22 hours ago, Purplemaniacs said:

I've got two of the Omlet stands in my WIR. I haven't had any problems with stability. Shame if they are out of stock. 

I have one too.

The only thing I have a problem with is that one of the Grubs doesn't grip on the wire too well, but that is the fault of the Grub not the stand.

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On 2/16/2019 at 1:53 PM, mullethunter said:

That’s what I was thinking of

Me three - I use gravity feeders/drinkers or troughs with the anti-climb struts on top

1 hour ago, Lewis said:

Hope you're ok, make sure you get some rest!

Good idea about the greenhouse but be careful in the summer as it will be sweltering - you may need to swap the glass sides for mesh and obviously cover the roof :) 

Yes, that concerns me too - Mesh sides with shading on the top might work though.

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The sides will be mesh by Radter when it had been moved.  I have traditional shading to put on the glass this week and a rubberised 75% shade paint to put Onto the glass after the move.  Also have heavyweight shade cloth and clips in the garage to use if needed.   The roof vents still have autoclosers from spring and tradition arm openings now 

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Oh gosh, catching up - I do hope the Bell's Palsy is easing.  Not fun.  We thought my dad had a stroke as his mouth drooped scarily.  He also dribbled a lot so we teased him mercilessly!  Hopefully your family will be more sympathetic! 

Just wondered if you could stretch a wire from one part of the frame to another and hang the feeders from there.  I actually had the peanut feeders on the ground and they managed perfectly fine, although I did wedge them in front so they didn't rock forward.  Both big girls and little girls ate from them even if they were lower down.  The drinkers were on the ground anyway so that the little munchkins could reach.

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Thanks for the good wishes.  Sorry seem to have written a lot of gibberish over the past few days.  They have now decided it isn’t Bells but part of the ongoing neuro/autoimmune stuff I have going on.  Face is OK after a high dose of steroids but paralysed again a few hours later.  Health issues may explains the word blindness/gibberish although the asphia is usually only auditory.    Think it is the stress of recent events causing a relapse - will ease in time. 

To decode the mess I wrote.  There will an 8ft mesh side and mesh vents’ in the other sides by Easter.   We can add more if needed later. The auto-opening roof windows will remain.  I have basic paint on shading to add to the glass at first and better stuff to use when the run is moved to be visible from the house.  We have dense shade cloth to use as needed too (family retired from growing orchids so it’s high quality stuff)

The rat has given up and moved on 👏


I have wedged some sections of an old wire feeder into the greenhouse supports and wedged the grubs onto those for now but will look at connecting mesh to the old seed tray stand that is supporting perches as a long-term solution.  One day I will get galvanised feed hoppers but not until finances are better

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