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Hi everyone! 

I currently have 4 ducks and a drake. I’ve had the ducks over a year and 4 month ago adopted a drake to save him. 

Everything was going smoothly and everyone was getting on well until now...

lately my drake has taken a huge dislike to one of the girls, it’s got so bad that now he won’t let her eat or drink and if she goes anywhere near it she gets attacked. If she tries to go near the other girls she gets attacked. So all day every day she just wanders round the garden all alone. She’s missing quite a few feathers now around her body. 

Before anyone suggests it he’s not trying to mate with her, he mates with the other girls but not her just constantly attacks her in a vicious way. 

The only time she gets to get close with the other girls now is if I put the drake in the enclosure alone. 

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated 

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Sorry to hear it, drakes can get quite nasty especially around this time of year as they come into lay.

In the short time I would try and have a few feed and water stations dotted around to give her a chance to get access away from him, maybe consider a feather pecking apron to stop her getting pecked but not sure how well it will work in ducks with them getting wet!
If all else fails you may have to move him on.

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