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Heritage Breeds (TM)!?

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I'm planning to sell excess eggs to friends and colleagues. When I went online to get an idea of what to price them at, I came across Ocado's "Heritage Breed (TM)" range. I have never seen such a load off waffly, trumped-up marketing copy before. 

For reference:


Is a "Royal" Legbar even a thing? I tried googling it but only came up with their product or Cream Legbar. What makes it royal?

And somewhat disconcertingly, they list rearing the chickens on "wholesome vegetarian diets" as a selling point...What are other chickens fed then?

My favourite bit of marketing waffle is, "beautifully versatile". Well, yes, of course it is; it's an egg! 

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Well, the picture on the box looks like what I can a Bluebelle hen, which so far as I am aware is a hybrid based on an Orpington - but maybe someone can correct me?

I've never heard of a 'Royal' Legbar, but it could be a hybrid strain they have created themselves. It mentions they are based on an Araucana, which is a heritage breed, so far as I am aware.

It sounds like it is just marketing waffle which is loosely based on some truth.

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Gimmicks again - didn't they have a different name originally?  I looked them up and they are only fed a vegetarian diet to keep them fit and healthy.  They are also free range - so I doubt they stick to that vegetarian diet "ooh that's a worm - yum!" "Noooo, Mavis, that isn't vegetarian, we mustn't eat that!"  Well, my birds scoff snails whole - shell and all!  Goodness knows what else they chomp in the field!:lol:

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