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Egg eating

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Hi one & all.

one of my 3 year old hybrids has started eating her  egg in the nest box. i am unsure if the egg is breaking on lay so it is easy to then eat, or if she is pecking it open ?  she doesn't always do it & will not touch any of the other girls eggs.

she doesn't do it every egg lay, but i want to stop her. it's been a couple of weeks now.  i am not usually around to go & collect the egg before she has had a go at it. so i can't stop her that way. i'm not sure if a rubber egg would help as she doesnt touch the other eggs.  she has full access to mixed grit, oyster grit, course mash, mixed corn. treats of sunflower seeds & dried mealworms.  my 4 ladies have a large area to roam / play/ rumage/ etc. in so it's not boardom.  any ideas anyone ??

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