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Bat boxes

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Where we lived in our last house - we had the largest pipestrelle bat counted colony in Scotland - probably as we were the only ones to sit outside at night and count

them coming out of the tiles in the roof,   Females live in a colony and we had loads - the droppings in the loft were dry so never cause a problem and we just put a large bin

up there and we emptied it every so often.   The males hibernate alone separate from the female colony.   We also had long ear bats in the steadings beside the house and we

had someone from the Bat conservation trust net and catch one to check it was that and let us see they were amazing - looked like they had 2 sets of ears!.   Not sure about

putting up boxes but I am sure they will find them and use them.   Look under Bat conservation trust putting up bat boxes for some help as they have good tips there.  They have a bat

box information pack.

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On 11/17/2021 at 9:58 AM, alexosok said:

If it weren't for bats, we would wave goodbuy to chocolate since they are the one-and-only creatures who disperse cacao seeds

You should be careful because they transfer many various diseases like ABLV, Hendra virus, Histoplasmosis, Ebola, Covid-19, etc. Never hold it with an unprotected and exposed hand — always use the cut-proof gloves as these diseases are transmitted through the bites. Btw, only due to bats we can enjoy chocolate ‘ cause they disperse cacao seeds as well as 300 species of fruits like figs, avocados, or nuts. If it weren’t for bats, we wouldn’t see cactus, agave, or saguaro thriving. There are as many as 80 medicines obtained from plants bats pollinate.  Also, researches conducted on bats help us to advance in the invention of many vaccines.

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