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Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

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I did it :D
I passed all my exams and last Friday successfully defended my Thesis so I've signed the book of graduates and I'm going to be a vet!

Diseases of Small Animals (cats and dogs) was my last rotation block and State exam (oral exam with a panel of 5) which is the hardest of all six so I was a bit worried about having to resit and messing up my summer plans but we all passed and did well!

We had our graduation ball on Sunday which was really nice 

I flew home yesterday as I have a few family bits and working next week then I'm driving back to Slovakia next weekend, having a roadtrip across Europe to collect my dog, taking them to the beach with a few friends, graduation and then drive home.

I had a few interviews in April, of the 5 interviews I got 6 offers because a charity hospital I've been going to for years recommended me for a job! I chose a Small Animal hospital really close to home, they're a really sociable team, 10 vets with lots of certificates and experience, laparascopy (key-hole) surgery and other 'toys' so I should learn lots.

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Well done you!  Seems only 5 mins ago you were posting about setting off to start your studies and here you are all qualified! So pleased that you have found a lovely practice to join too....will you be keeping up your blog? I drop in from time to time via the linky thing on the forum threads.

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Thanks everyone, I feel like I know lots of you and I've grown up on here even though we've never met ...though I have met quite a few of you!

I do get to use Dr, my degree is DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine but even those who graduate with a BVSc in the UK are able to use the title :)

Haven't really thought about it but I'll probably keep the blog if anything interesting or exciting happens.

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