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Treadle Feeder that Works with Crumble

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Hello everyone, 

I've had a small mouse problem and I'd like to remove their food source and start using a treadle feeder. 

The problem is my ex-commercial girls only eat crumble as they have been debeaked (Allen & Page Layers Crumble). 

I've read that the Treadle Feeders clog up with anything other than pellets. Does anyone have any experience of this? I've seen a few feeders that open at the top rather than use gravity IYSWIM, but are these safe? I have visions of one of my girls eating from the side and then getting their head crushed when the other hen steps off the treadle! 

Any advice greatly appreciated! 

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With the treadle feeder that I use:

this hasn't been a problem - I never used pellets, only meal. I do, very occasionally, give it a poke with a screwdriver just to get the meal moving if it's been damp, but that's very rarely so it's not a big problem.

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