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Worming options

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I've never had a problem with worming my hens before - I just used to mix Flubenvet with layers pellets, and all was well.  I now have a dual problem - two very picky hens who aren't that keen on layers pellets at the best of times, and who would rather forage for themselves in the garden, and also not being able to buy Flubenvet powder. I can buy pellets which are already treated but they are not the normal pellets, so the hens virtually starved themselves when they were penned in all week to be wormed, and as neither of them have laid for a couple of months I assume they really do need to be wormed more efficiently. So what are my options? I have just bought some Verm-X to start with, but I remember when I first kept hens they wouldn't eat the bread I dripped it onto, so I'm not overly optimistic. What else can I get which will worm them properly?

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VermX is a herbal gut conditioner not a wormer so I wouldn't waste my money.

Best practice is to get a Fecal Worm Egg Count as if they don't have worms you're giving medication unnecessarily which can lead to drug resistance. It's likely a battle of wills, they won't starve themselves if there are pellets available so if you keep them in the run they will take some; if they aren't laying that will probably explain the reduced appetite - are they older hens?

Alternatively you can use Ivermectin spot on which will treat internal and external parasites.

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Thanks for the advice. The hens are not old, I bought them a year ago, but I have had real problems in getting them to live peaceably with my existing hen, a Marigold who has remained at the top of the pecking order, and has intimidated the two younger hens. They all now get on well, and actually hate being separated, but the two Speckledys are still very cautious when it comes to food. I have tried all kinds of things such as food containers spread around the garden, keeping the Speckledys in and feeding them, keeping the Marigold in so the others are outside and can access their own food. The two younger hens drink an awful lot of water instead of eating. I've kept hens for over ten years and it has all gone well, so I feel a bit of a failure with these two new ones. 

Do you have to buy Ivermectin from the vet? Is there an egg withdrawal period?

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