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I am new to caring for rabbits and have just purchased the Eglu go.  I have two baby mini lops who I have been putting in the Eglu hutch at night as I am anxious about leaving them out In case they should be frightened by predictors.I have just watched a YouTube video saying it’s not suitable for this.    Should I be shutting them in or can I leave them out in the run and if so what happens when the weather gets colder?  Should I shut them in then? , 

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OK, so rabbits are diurnal, which means that they are most active in the evening, early night, a bit through the night, and then again early morning. Hence, they need to have access to their run at these times. Shutting them in at night isn't a good idea, and they may well destroy their housing.

I had 2 rabbits in a classic, converted for them, and that was perfect. I can't comment on the Go though.

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