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Introducing new silkies to pekins

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On 7/8/2019 at 9:01 PM, Luvachicken said:

Can we see some photos please ? 😊

We love seeing pictures of fluffy babies, especially when you mention Pekins.

Here we go :) the millefleur Pekin, Indie, is the boss and isn’t bothered at all now by the silkies but Hattie the porcelain Pekin won’t leave them alone :( I’ve still not managed to integrate them properly 



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On 7/18/2019 at 9:00 PM, Luvachicken said:

They are all just soooo beautiful.

Think I could be swayed towards the Silkies.

Are they as cute and friendly as Pekins though ?

None of these were handled as tiny chicks so are still a bit skittish but they’ve definitely got fab little personalities. They are all taming slowly though and the bantams will happily run to me now(who knew chickens running would be so funny 😂) and take food from my hands. We’ve had eggs from Indie the brown bantam, so tiny and cute!!! 

On 7/12/2019 at 10:18 PM, The Dogmother said:

It will take time and a lot of patience - Silkies aren't massively clever, so it may take longer than normal.

They still won’t accept them, they can be out in the garden together but different ends or the porcelain bantam will chase and peck the silkies ☹️  I’ve had to separate the run off and get another coop because they were attacked like mad when I tried them all in the same coop. Hopefully they’ll integrate, if not I’m happy with the set up

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3 hours ago, Luvachicken said:

How are they all getting along together now ?

Better, thanks for asking. Still in separate coops but I’ve removed the separating door and they are ok, came back earlier and they were all in one coop having an afternoon siesta! Possibly thinking of trying the same coop tonight 🤞🏻

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