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Keeping Chickens 6

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With the coop complete and in place the next thing to do after I had laid an area of second hand paving (the paving helps in many ways, keeping their feet and straw dry, also their claws in good condition when scratching for food). was to make a run for them to use in the mornings, evenings on wet days and when we go on holiday. I used chicken wire knowing that it will not keep out Mr fox but at night they are locked in the coop. I ordered my 4 chickens but after a very long 4 weeks the chicken farmer let me down. So I contacted another chicken farmer and collected my lovely point to lay ICA Brown ladies within a week. He also told me the best place to buy food for them and lots of other advice. After 10 days I got my first egg and it tasted fantastic.

Well that has brought you up to date. I hope you have enjoyed reading and the photos about me and my chickens. Peter.




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It looks really great Peter!  The only thing is the chicken wire - I know you say the chickens will be locked up at night so will be safe but foxes can and do (as I'm sure many on here can attest to) come into the garden during the day and they would make short work of the chicken wire.  I really don't want to be a party pooper but I would hate to read at a later date that Mr Fox had visited you.

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Beautiful set up, but as said above chicken wire is your weakest point, if you invest some money in a predator proof "and rat proof" weld mesh wire you save yourself a lot troubles later, at least you don't need to lock them up and let them out every day.

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