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4 minutes ago, soapdragon said:

Ha - feel an Oxfordshire meet coming on! Is anyone else localish?

OH and I have been meaning to visit Broughton Castle for ages. We did 17th C Living History (it featured in the ECW) for about 12 years before ES was born but then gave up (he isn't camping material - proved by recent D of E expeditions!) Seems that, as it's still clearly privately owned, Broughton is only opened on Wednesday afternoons for 5 mins when there is a z in the month! We've just not made it yet! One day.....................


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Yes, it's open only on a Wednesday and Sunday, although you can visit that park (free) any time and the tearoom for free when there's an open day. I think we've missed the fete this year - that's usually in June and is great fun - a proper old fashioned one, and a re-inactment too.

A good place to meet up is the Yurt at Nicholson's in North Aston - lovely food and superb cakes.

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