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Blackberries and damsons

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Hi all, I picked some blackberries today. Only a couple of handfuls. I've washed and frozen them. What would you do with them? 

I noticed my damsons are looking ripe to pick too. What would you do with them? my mum used to make damson jam or damson puree and serve with icecream. That was my favourite. Recipe for damson gin anyone? 

x x

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OH made blackberry and apple jelly last year - it didn't last long!  He's been picking the odd few that are ready and adding to the others in the freezer until we get enough to do anything with them.

Flavoured gin/vodka/schnapps - half a bottle with fruit - pricked to let the flavour seep out (we used prongs from the corn on the cob handles - much easier), cover with castor sugar and give it a shake then top up with the alcohol.  I preferred vodka because you need less sugar - if you feel you need more then test a little in a couple of weeks and add more if necessary.  Keep shaking the bottle every other day for a week or so and then once a week.  In a couple of months remove the fruit and decant the juice into another bottle - that way you won't have so much sediment and the liqueur lasts longer.  Not that it does last in this house!  Keep it in a dark and cool place.  


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OH has made lots of plum jam and cooked some for us to have with crumble or custard - we had 8lbs on the second picking!  Stashed in the freezer now.  There were no plums that were edible last year, unless the previous owner had picked them, but it is due for the chop because the rebuild means our driveway will be going where that stands - as it'll be in front of the garage doors.  But am making a list of the trees I want for the autumn.

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