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Eglu Classic Green & 3m Run- Glos/Worcs

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Eglu Classic mark 2 in green with plastic roosting bars, 3m extended run and large panel of Omlet mesh which the Eglu sits on, to prevent animals digging underneath. 

In clean good condition, with some usual light fading. 

Complete with Grub feeder, Glug drinker, Omlet heavy duty run cover and lots of run clips. 

Pressure washed ready for use and dismantled for collection. 


FD08E50A-BC32-49C6-BE9A-131F9284B71B.thumb.jpeg.4ce4e3749ef60e4a01a5730b0a8ec20f.jpeg4425E7B2-9ABB-46E7-81B8-177DADD28686.thumb.jpeg.c0ec3bc8713e5b8f9d1e6e3b5d50fdd5.jpeg84B917ED-BA75-4F7B-89B0-58709E4EB90C.thumb.jpeg.42e5ed22ca61a2bfbfe1531cefa552a8.jpegB5E68627-CDDC-4A33-857A-2C2F6CA3DADD.thumb.jpeg.9e03115db314f80758e2add1e869e94d.jpeg931A5985-44B3-450C-9A34-825FFACD3F2E.thumb.jpeg.7d88cd3dafca3555654ff7c38aae41bb.jpeg A27B0055-85A2-465E-B1CA-E841952C0BA7.thumb.jpeg.1e52eb501eb3aaaa599783ad9c20b20d.jpegDB64F9D2-50CA-4196-9D37-F38BD646A755.thumb.jpeg.180e73d4bdd75229422cf448792983e9.jpeg498F70EF-58FD-4FED-BB02-76A33D80F807.thumb.jpeg.2509f25e8859c69dc80d4ff225c6f9b0.jpeg772A940F-61D6-48C4-A1C6-3E26DAA714B5.thumb.jpeg.ad4f655b3ebe01aef8b25d54074a48a2.jpeg


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