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My favourite country for the snow and the after-snow cake!  I hope you have a great time, I find being out in the snow very refreshing, a bit like being in the sea, all your focus is on staying alive and/or being exhilarated, rather than worrying about day to day stuff.  Its very 'in the moment'!

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On 1/5/2020 at 4:36 PM, mullethunter said:

😂 think that’s Switzerland. I guess Austria’s equivalent would be a cow bell!

I bought a set of bells and a cow horn on my first skiing trip 35 years ago 😯. I still have them 😁 and I still ski, although last time was 2 or 3 years ago.  I will return! x

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19 hours ago, Lewis said:

Looks awesome :D

How was the skiing?

It was great - I was SO lucky. The day I travelled out it snowed all day and the lifts were all shut. The next day - my first day in the mountain - there was fresh powder with wall-to-wall sunshine and no wind. I was there three days and had that weather the whole time. Then the day after I left all the lifts were shut again for two days! 
I skied Skiwelt from Brixen-Im-Thale for two days and the Kitzski area from Kirchberg/Kitzbuhel one day.

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I missed it as well, it looks awesome, you get a real feel for life in the mountains, the clean air and the quality of the light.  Those poor people in Austria and Switzerland who had to be bundled home in a great hurry last week as a result of CV, I do feel sorry for them.

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