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šŸ¤”Ā hi Im new to omlet eglus.

We'veĀ  just put our 2 piggies outsideĀ  and have aĀ  few questions.....

slug invasion every night , can we stop them ?Ā 

lighting at night when hatch is closed.

best products to keep the inside clean and dry ( I'm concernedĀ  about damp , pneumoniaĀ  etcĀ  .

thanks folksĀ 


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Lovely piggies :)

TakingĀ the food in at night after you've shut them in ought to sort out the slug problem.

GPs aren't massively hardy, as you probably know, so it's best that they are kept in an outhouse when it gets really cold out. We had them as youngsters and moved the hutches into a summerhouse over winter.

Aubiose hemp bedding is really good for GPs and rabbits as well as chooks - it keeps really dry.

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