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Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

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1 hour ago, Minnie&Moose said:

So sorry Sarkymite.  If you're anywhere near north Oxfordshire and would like a bantam cuckoo maran boy replacement - I have some lovely spare lads at the moment. 

Omg that's a wonderful offer and I am actually IN north Oxfordshire!

How noisy do the bantie boys get? It was always tenuous whether I'd be able to keep mine (full size!) as I'm in a suburban area. The neighbours don't mind my serama boy but his crow is comical and not very loud.  What do you think?

1 hour ago, The Dogmother said:

I am sorry to hear that - it's not easy to deal with when it's that unexpected. Possibly a heart attack.

He was the only one to even hatch from a batch of 12 - is it possible that there was something just inherently wrong with him that could have caused a heart attack or similar? Related to the fact that all the other eggs didn't develop properly at all, I mean? 

Hatching is new to me this year as you know, so I'm just grasping at straws I guess!

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Hi Sarkymite - you're welcome to come and have a look at ours and listen to how loud they are if you'd like.  Ours are definitely not quiet though - I've had a pekin cockerel before and several young full sized marans, and I would say ours are as loud as the full size boys we had briefly.

pm me if you'd like to come and check them out.

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Sorry to hear about the little lad.  Such a pity.  Tipsy died in the nestbox during the night but she was 5 years old.  The day before she was as spritely as anything - who knows what it may have been.  But glad you enjoyed having him for a little while.  Fingers crossed you find a handsome, quiet fellow to replace him.

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