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So chickens pine?

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Hello everyone

Bit strange but we have been watching her for some time so it's not a new thing.

Back in June this year we re-homed 20 ex battery hen's but one has formed a very strong bond with my 17yr old daughter. My daughter finished school in June so spent a lot of time with the girls especially this one hen until she started college in September. Now the hen just mopes around, she's not interested in eating unless you're feeding her by hand and isn't interested in the others. She's not interested in either myself or my mum (her owner) but soon as my daughter appears she's like an excited dog and actually runs into her hands.

Has anyone experienced anything else like this? We've had chickens for years but never experienced a hen like this one.

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5 hours ago, mullethunter said:

I’ve seen them do it for other hens so I suppose one could for a human. Send her to college!

I've said that to my daughter being as our company obviously isn't good enough 😂

4 hours ago, soapdragon said:

Perhaps she was a mutt in a previous life! Sounds very sweet though!

She is funny, she sticks to her like glue it's the moody moping about that makes us laugh. She takes it out on the poor dog when he walks by.

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