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Is it possible to rat proof?

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Strange time of year to be chickening perhaps but we are finally ready to do our tiny back garden and part of that plan is to put in a fixed area for chooks.

where we are (seaside town, urban, etc) there’s plenty of rats about I’m sure. I don’t want to give them a chance to get a taste for chicken food and I’m wondering if anywhere sells rat proof runs or if it is possible to make them. The eglu runs aren’t. I’m unsure whether framebow/flyte so fancy would be. Or is there another option.....

still can’t decide what coop to go for (cube, framebow, flyte so fancy) but I guess that kind of hinges on the above.

thankyou for any help!!

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It did a bit Patricia, I only have one and 9 birds as I wanted to be sure it worked before i invested in another.  However I let the feed run out in the trough I was also using and the feeder has been emptied a few times!

There are various video reviews on youtube which are useful.  Seems to be very good at stopping vermin...

Although I would be keen to hear from someone where it actually stopped a problem if there are any on this forum.  It was the wifes biggest hang up about chickens - the vermin their feed attracts, so I promised to take all the steps I could

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