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On 1/9/2022 at 2:20 PM, Beantree said:

The system in France, where everyone has a medical insurance number and carries an ID card, means that the EXACT number of resident people who haven't been vaccinated is known. Further to that they know all the names and addresses! They published the numbers by age group this morning and surprisingly one of the largest percentages of unvaccinated people is the over 80's, so Bridgett is far from alone and the anti-vax demonstrations are getting bigger.

We have that system in the Netherlands as well, but here it’s the people in their teens and twenties that have a low vaccination rate.

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Speculation today in a topic that suggested very soon everyone will have had Omicron at least once. I can understand that possibility because, with over 300,000 testing positive every day, 2 million a week equates to the population in 7 months, so around the end of July. Of course some don't even know they have it so don't get tested and we may therefore see the whole population having been infected by Summer? Despite this massive infection rate the hospitalisations are only rising slowly and are now about 3x what they were in November, which is half of the levels in the first wave. Let's hope it stays under control.

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