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13 minutes ago, Sallybeligum said:

Yes, I started this threat and found a solution :-)
It are not really the roosting bars that are the problem (of course the need to get the habbit), but it is the lack of light in the cube!
What you have to do is (aprox 1hour before it gets dark) to put a bright light in back of the cube.   The chickens go towards the light....
I have the coop light as well, but this wasnt bright enough, but a big led-torch did the trick....  You will see that they go to sit next (or on) the torch....
Once the door is closed, remove the torch...
After 2 weeks I stopped this ritual, and they went in all the way from then on....


Thanks for the suggestions.

Gladys laid an egg in the nesting box in the Cube today, so she’s ventured all the way inside at least once. Hilda likes to scatter her eggs all over the garden, so I don’t hold out much hope of her ever doing the same!

I’ve got the Eglu light that attaches to the autodoor, but it seems a bit hopeless because you can’t switch it on and make it stay on for longer than a couple of minutes.

It’s early evening here right now (I’m in New Zealand), so I’ve put a light in the back of the Cube. They’ve parked themselves in the doorway at the moment, but I’ll wait and see what they do in about an hour when it gets dark. Fingers crossed!!!

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One of my chickens put their eggs also all around the garden....but after a while....they all go to the nesting box...be patient....all will be good in the end ;-)
Dont worry, you bought the best coop available on the market!  They will use it as the are supposed to, but they need a bit of time....

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A quick update on Gladys and Hilda...

I put a light at the back of the coop for 2 nights, and they shuffled a bit further inside each night.

Tonight, they’re both safely tucked up all the way inside, with no light on at all.


Thanks for the advice!

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